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Междинен народен съд на Ксиамен


We are honored to announce that we have successfully constructed the Xiamen Intermediate People's Court.

This building is a true masterpiece that combines aesthetics and functionality. Our designers and architects work hard to ensure that this building reflects the practical needs of Xiamen Court and also meets our standards.

As a leader in the field of building materials, we used the highest quality materials to construct this building. We have thoroughly understood every detail and adopted the most advanced technology to ensure the smooth completion of the building.

Our goal is to build a building that can withstand the test of time and also an efficient office space that can help Xiamen courts manage a large number of cases.

We believe that this building will become a landmark in Xiamen, showcasing our technology and innovation.

We are proud to build this building for Xiamen Intermediate People's Court and look forward to continuing our cooperation in the future to contribute to the development of Xiamen city.

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